Baltic Innovation Forum

The Forum is organized by the Marshal of Pomorskie Province and the Mayors of Gdansk and Gdynia, in partnership with NASSCOM (Worldwide association of Indian top ICT companies), Forbes and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Goyello Director, Peter Horsten will participate as one of the experts in the first “Baltic Innovation Forum 2008”.

The organizers of the event hope to make it an annual conference aimed at international audience. This year’s forum is devoted to global trends in outsourcing based on new technologies in the global economy and trends  in innovative company management as well as tools and methods to increase companies’ competitiveness.

The Forum is addressed to leading managers of ICT companies and representatives of IT, financial and industrial sectors, who are planning to introduce modern methods of management. The formula of the Forum will enable the participants to exchange their opinions on the variety of subjects during panel discussions with renowned experts.

11-12th September ,
Baltic Philharmonic House
Gdańsk Concert and Congress Centre
1 Ołowianka Str.

A new image-based YELLOcaptcha is ready!

Developing internet portals for our clients made us think of a reliable protection against all sorts of “spamming bots” or other automated programs that could seriously abuse their websites.

The only reasonable solution to us was using text-based CAPTCHAs but they turned out to be too annoying for most of the users. They simply were not able to read the distorted text in the box and reloading the page a few times took too long.

That is when we came up with a completely innovative solution to make sure that the sites are not navigated by “bots”. We created an image-based YELLOcaptcha that does not require the user to rewrite the text, but instead, select the indicated images from a set of available pictures. This protection proved to be a more time-efficient measure. Compared to text rewriting it took 40% less time to select the requested pictures.

YELLOcaptcha is currently only available as a Symfony plugin called gyCaptchaPlugin.

For more information visit

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Today Microsoft granted us the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner level. GOYELLO managed to achieve this level so quick after the previous certification because of positive client evaluations and the increased certification level of the employees.

First of all we treat the Gold Level as a nice appreciation of all the effort we put into the company together. Besides it means that GOYELLO has access to the highest level of Microsoft support and that we can use very valuable Microsoft tools.

GOYELLO Christmas Party

Goyello met again to celebrate Christmas at an annual party.

This time the party was held in Harnas restaurant in Sopot, located right in the forest. The party started with the presentation that summarized company’s performance in year 2008 and reveled the strategy for the upcoming year 2009. The presentation was followed by a quiz competition that required some extra knowledge about our colleagues in the company. Sometimes it’s worth paying attention to all the company gossip!

Dutch IT magazine about Goyello

The latest issue of a Dutch IT magazine “Automatisering Gids ” featured an article about Goyello and its founders Peter Horsten and Arie De Bruin.

One of them used to live in Hague, the other in Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Halfway between these two cities they found an ideal meeting point: Het Zalmhuis – a cozy restaurant in the very heart of Rotterdam, on the river bank, with the view of Van Brienenoordbrug bridge.

Today they are sitting again in the very same restaurant: Arie de Bruin and Peter Horsten – the founders of the IT company, Goyello. “We met here some time ago to discuss business opportunities in Poland”, says Arie de Bruin. “ I was very positive about the whole idea as I knew in Poland I would be able to find highly educated, eager and capable software developers. When I started giving some serious thought to this option I learned that Peter – my former colleague from the consulting company Verdonck, Klooster & Associates- had a similar plan.

Peter Horsten, married to a Polish woman, had a far-reaching plan to set up the training and consulting company aimed at Polish executives and company managers. Peter Horsten recalls that meeting with Arie de Bruin: “during our conversation we came up with the whole new idea. Arie was planning to invest in the IT company which would be focused on developing and implementing computer software in Poland. Before he made any further steps, Arie wanted to find a suitable business partner in Holland.” In the meantime, Peter went to visit Poland in order to carry out an intensive research of the Polish outsourcing market. Once he returned, he organized a meeting with his future partner to merely present his findings and exchange ideas of what shape the business plan could take. However, the meeting very quickly resulted in a serious decision of setting up the company as soon as possible and relocating Peter and his family to Poland. “The moment we reached an agreement and the decision was finally made we went to Poland to register the company under the name of Goyello Ltd. The next step was moving the family and our home to Gdansk. Goyello was established in November 2007 and currently employs 40 people. Impressive start” comments Peter Horsten.

Goyello soon established its strong position on the Dutch IT market. “We are interested in forming an authentic, reliable and durable cooperation with our customers”, the company owners underline. “Among others we develop cutting-edge software and innovative community portals for our clients who fill important niches on the Dutch market. We believe our chance of satisfying our customer is higher when we fully understand their needs and the character of their business. Consequently, effective and direct communication is essential. Our clients appreciate our attitude and that is why we have already acquired a number of regular clients.”De Bruin and Horsten cooperate with each other on a daily basis and mainly communicate via e-mail, Skype and telephone. Moreover, they regularly arrange business trips for their clients to GOYELLO’s head office based in Sopot. They place a huge emphasis on the importance of such meetings as they considerably help in establishing lasting relationships between the company and its clients. We actively encourage our clients and developers to communicate as much as possible with each other especially during the main stages of development. In order to strengthen the relationship even more Mr. Horsten visits Dutch clients on the regular basis as well. Whenever he travels to Holland his meeting schedule is tight from the very first day of his visit. “Sometimes I wish we had more free time to be able to meet more often in Het Zalmhuis and celebrate the success of Goyello. For the time being, we can only enjoy it separately: Peter in Gdansk, and me here in Holland” says Arie de Bruin.

New Office in Gliwice

With Goyello’s continuous growth, we decided to expand into other parts of Poland. In October we are opening a new office in Gliwice, in the south of Poland. The office is situated in the south-eastern part of the city in Bojkowska Street, being the area of former “Gliwice” Hard Coal Mine.

The site is a part of the project “New Gliwice”, which involved the transformation of the post industrial areas into an enterprise zone. The main goal of “New Gliwice” project was to revitalize the post industrial areas by converting the closed down coal mine into a modern education and business park.

Gliwice is one of the main centers of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Union, the largest legally-recognized urban entity in Poland, with the population of the greatest metropolitan area of 3,487,000.

Despite being one of many towns in the largest industrial area in Poland, Gliwice is very different from the stereotype of an Upper Silesian city. It is a city of culture, science and of rapidly growing enterprises. As one of the oldest towns of the Upper Silesian region, it boasts a beautiful Old Town and several interesting sights.

Summer Beach Party

At the end of August we had our first company Barbeque Party on the terrace of Atelier Club in Sopot. We got the party started with a volleyball match on the beach, which caused stiff competition among colleagues.

The weather was good, though a bit too windy during the volleyball match. The competition was followed by a barbeque on the club terrace which lasted until very late evening hours. There was a chef who cooked all sorts of meat for the evening. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better. Our employees finaly had a chance to chat casually with colleagues from other project teams.