88% of Pomerania’s SMEs are going to innovate – Goyello’s survey shows

The majority of small and medium-sized companies based in Pomerania are going to launch new products and services. Over 50% of the participants of a survey we conducted want to invest in digital solutions.

In February ̶ April 2016 a survey was conducted among small and medium-sized businesses in Pomerania. The aim of the survey, supported by the Pracodawcy Pomorza organisation, Invest in Pomerania, InvestGDA and Olivia Business Centre, was to determine the direction of development of small and medium-sized companies in the region. 77% of the companies that took part in the survey are service businesses. Over half of them (63%) claim they are active in both national and international markets. One in ten participants active in the local market only is interested in expanding its operations abroad.

“It’s a positive trend and a promising one. It proves that businesses in Pomerania are well established in the national market. They are experienced and eager to gain global success,” says Peter Horsten, Managing Director at Goyello, a company that conducted the survey.

Almost all of the companies surveyed (97%) are focused on winning new markets or/and new distribution channels. A vast majority of them (88%) are planning to introduce new products and services. The employers who participated in the survey are aware of the fact that the success of their businesses depends on the following factors:

– growth of employment and improvement in employees’ skills (65%),
– investment in fixed assets (32%),
– investment in digital solutions which, in the upcoming 2 years, will be an important issue for almost half of the participants.

At the same time, the entrepreneurs have pointed out obstacles that hinder their development. High fixed costs remain the main barrier here. 70% of the participants mention it as the key obstacle that limits the development of their companies. 50% of the entrepreneurs surveyed claim that limited access to external sources of finance, such as loans and European funds, is a serious impediment. One third of the participants have problems getting access to highly qualified specialists and see it as a reason for lack of development.

“Only one in three managers we have surveyed has comprehensive and profound knowledge of current market trends. On in three participants of the survey has limited and insufficient knowledge as regards implementation of new solutions in their companies. One in two Pomeranian entrepreneurs experiences difficulties in assessing risk and covering high costs of innovation. 55% of them cannot find reliable business partners. This proves that despite the fact there has been a lot of talk about innovation recently, it is difficult to introduce it in small and medium-sized businesses. We still have plenty of work to do to make our economy truly innovative. Unlimited access to professional education as well as to detailed research that would help entrepreneurs take key decisions can help us reach that aim,” says Peter Horsten.

Children's Day

Children’s Day at Goyello

Goyello team members and their kids had a great time on Saturday, 4 June. Children had a unique opportunity to take a look at the office their mums and dads work at.

This year Children’s Day celebration was a very special one. For the first time in Goyello’s history we invited kids to come over to the office.
The young visitors were taken on a short tour and had an opportunity to see every nook and cranny of our Gdańsk headquarters.

After the tour they spent some time playing with play leaders and had delicious treats.

Then we all joined the official Olivia Business Centre celebration at the nearby stadium. There were jump castles, dance and sports activities, face painting, competitions kids could participate in with their parents and plenty of other attractions. It was great fun!

Goyello team at Kaszebe Runda

Goyello riders at Kaszebe Runda

Eleven Goyello cycling enthusiasts took up the challenge of the Kaszebe Runda on 29 May. It was great fun to take a beautiful countryside route and meet at the finish line in Kościerzyna.

Kaszebe Runda is a cycling race taking place in the picturesque Kashubia region. It starts and finishes in Kościerzyna. Participants can choose one of three distances: 65, 125 or 195 km. Our riders decided to ride either 65 km (3 participants) and 125 km (8 participants). Together they covered the distance of 1196 km. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?


Our participation in the Kaszebe Runda race was part of Goyello Power Club, an initiative every Goyello employee can join. Members of Goyello Power Club take part in regular workouts, sporting events and meetings with experts on healthy lifestyle, sports and proper diet. At Goyello Power Club we also have Fruity Mondays – a weekly deliery of fresh fruit and natural fruit juices for everyone at Goyello.

Goyello at infoShare

Goyello at infoShare 2016

This year’s infoShare, taking place on 18-20 May in Gdańsk, was an extremely busy time for us as a gold sponsor of the event.

Peter Horsten, our Managing Director, was invited to host meetings at the Inspire Stage. Peter welcomed and introduced such guests as David Allen, the author of Getting Things Done, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi, co-founder of The Pirate Bay and Gary Whitehall, the originator of the Entrepreneur Week, to mention just a few great speakers. Peter was also the leader during the roundtable discussions, taking place during the Leaders Event, on the second day of the conference.

Goyello’s machine learning expert, Kacper Jankowski, was a speaker at the conference. Kacper gave two lectures on machine learning during the Tech Stage and Tech Stage Plus presentations.

InfoShare is the biggest tech conference in CEE region with a long history that goes back to 2007 and a constantly growing audience. This year over 5000 experts in IT, new media, project management as well as startup owners gathered in Gdańsk to listen to over 100 speakers and take part in the great networking, knowledge & experience sharing event.

Goyello team

Goyello Team in the Triathlon Gdańsk competition

Nine of Goyello Power Club members participated in the Triathlon Gdańsk AWFiS competition. They covered the super sprint distance. For the majority of them it was their first triathlon ever. Congratulations, guys!

On Sunday morning, 1 May, our triathletes were all present and ready to fight at the start of the race that took place at Gdańsk University of Physical Education (AWFiS). They were to cover three distances in three disciplines. First there was 600 m swim, then 15 km cycle and finally – 3 km run. All our guys did really well and they say they had a great time.

It took the team several months to prepare for the race. They had regular swimming, cycling and running workouts with SportEvo trainers. Their participation in the triathlon was part of Goyello Power Club, an initiative in which members of our team take part in workouts, sports events and meetings with experts on healthy living and diet. At Goyello Power Club we also benefit from Fruity Mondays – a weekly box of fresh fruit and natural fruit juices.

Watch a short video footage of the race.

King's Day balloons at Goyello

King’s Day and Open Day at Goyello

On 27 April our office was even more orange than it usually is. We celebrated King’s Day. We took the opportunity to invite guests to take part in Goyello Open Day.

April 27 is a special day for everyone in the Netherlands as it is King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. As always, we had a King’s Day celebration at our Polish headquarters, too. There were bunches of tulips for our Olivia Business Centre neighbours and plenty of orange balloons everywhere. There was also a quiz about the Netherlands for our Facebook fans. Finally, there was a small feast – Dutch cheese and sweet stroopwafels – and… the royal election – we elected our own king. Our colleague, Janek Falkowski, was crowned and took over the reins for the day.

This year we combined the King’s Day celebration with the Open Day. On 28 April over 80 people came to visit us at the office, the number exceeding our expectations! Many of them were interested in our summer internship so the colleagues from the HR department got plenty of applications. We took our visitors on a tour around the office and then invited them to presentations – about the company by Peter Horsten, about working at Goyello by Ewa Tokarska and Kamila Pyszka from the HR department and about our projects by members of our development teams. Everyone could also play #GoyelloGame.

We hope our guests had a good time visiting Goyello and that we are going to meet some of them very soon! 🙂

Rubber ducks

Goyello at the Engineering Job Fair 2016

It was a really exciting day at the Engineering Job Fair (ITP) last Wednesday! On 16 March at Gdańsk University of Technology we met young people looking for career opportunities in IT.

A job fair is a great chance of getting to know people who may soon become members of our team. This year plenty of students and graduates came to visit us at the booth. A lot of them were interested in doing their summer internship at Goyello as well as joining our Java and .NET teams.

Our visitors really liked #GoyelloGame that lets you check your Java and C# programming skills. Most of them took a while to give it a go. The best 10 players were invited to our office to take part in an Agile workshop run by one of our Scrum Masters.
Each player got a gift – a yellow rubber duck – every programmer’s must-have.

Dutchwood.nl - online store

Dutchwood – a new online shop powered by Webmerce

Dutchwood.nl is a site where you can buy top quality home and garden furniture made of wood. It has just been launched as the latest release from our e-commerce team. The shop is fully based on the Webmerce platform.

A great feature available on the website is a product configurator. It enables you to tailor a product to your own needs. You can select the size you prefer as well as the colour of wood and upholstery, type of finishing, and many more extra options. The shop is available in Dutch.


Goyello team at #3CityGameJam

Our developers had only 48 hours to create their game during the #3CityGameJam that took place last weekend. They finished 5 minutes before the deadline.

The topic each of 36 teams participating in the event had to focus on was “the ritual”. Our colleagues, Piotr Styczyński, Michał Warkocz and Karol Dąbrowski, created a game titled the Cat Utopia. Its main protagonist is a cat that has to overcome obstacles, fight enemies and collect various items to be able to perform a ritual and open the gate to a place called the Cat Utopia.

Out of 36 games created during the event 10 were presented on stage. The Cat Utopia was one of them. As for the roles in the team, Piotr was responsible for the programming and animation, Michał dealt with the programming and Karol was in charge of the graphic design. They did an awesome job together!

If you want to play the game, you can do it here.

Pracodawcy Pomorza - logo

Goyello at the Employers of Pomerania networking event

A product that seems ideal to its inventor, but was nor validated with its end users may turn out to be a failure when launched to the market. How to convert your idea into a successful business? We lectured on the topic at a meeting organised by the Employers of Pomerania.

On Friday, 22 January, we took part in a networking breakfast at the Employers of Pomerania office. Daniel Dekański, head of Goyello Protostudio, our consulting and innovation team, gave a presentation titled “I have an idea. What do I do next?” Daniel discussed typical pitfalls product inventors may come across when creating their products. Many of them aim at creating an ideal solution. They wait with the premiere until their product is fully developed. They will not launch it till all its functions are available and working. They forget about one important thing, though – first of all they should verify their vision with end users’ expectations. It they don’t, the result is inevitable – a market failure.

Daniel presented the approach we follow at Goyello. Listen to your customers, develop solutions with a minimum number of functions and validate them with your end users before you start the production. We know it works! We have first-hand experience.
We believe our presentation let the attendees adopt a brand new perspective on products and services they create.

Goyello was invited to the meeting by Ireneusz Osiński, president at the Talents Foundation and Justyna Wojtaszczyk, owner at the KeyK Project Marketing&Media PR and marketing agency. Thank you!

Daniel Dekański’s presentation is available from SlideShare.